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Phonathon plays a major role in St. Mary’s fundraising efforts. Student callers reach out to alumni, parents and friends six nights a week.

The St. Mary’s Phonathon is committed to:

  • Building and maintaining relationships with our alumni, parents and friends
  • Creating new donors and reactivating previous donors
  • Updating information so alumni, parents and friends can stay connected
  • Relaying news and updates about St. Mary’s
  • Thanking and informing donors of the impact their donations have made on St. Mary’s students
  • Informing alumni, parents and friends how easy it is to offer their support

Many majors are represented among our student callers, from Art to Software Engineering and everything in between. Rattler Ringers are also involved in various clubs and organizations on campus. 

St. Mary’s University wants to stay connected with our alumni by: (1) ensuring that we have the most up-to-date contact information in our files for each alumnus; and (2) keeping alumni informed about all of the exciting events and changes being made to and at St. Mary’s. Phonathon is also used to raise financial resources for the Annual Scholarship Fund (or area of your choice) in order to support the advancement of St. Mary’s University.

What is the purpose of phonathon?

At Phonathon, we employ current St. Mary’s University students to work as Rattler Ringer Phonathon Ambassadors. These Rattlers come from all over the state and the world, and are involved with many student organizations and majors from each classification.

Who will I be talking to?

By focusing our calls on the evening and on weekends, it allows for our student callers to balance their primary job, which is being the best students they can be.

Why do you only call on nights and weekends?

Phonathon is structured to allow maximum flexibility and accessibility for St. Mary’s students. The St. Mary’s Rattler Ringers make their calls Monday through Thursday from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., and on weekends from 2 to 6 p.m., Central Standard Time throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.

When should I expect a call?

We call our alumni, parents and friends because it’s the next best thing to a personal visit. It is our most effective and efficient way to reach out and provide news on events and achievements. We also have the opportunity to discuss our Annual Fund Campaign and your participation. Alumni, parents and friends are always welcome to designate their gifts to the area of St. Mary’s that they are most passionate about.

Why do the Rattler Ringers call alumni, parents, and friends?

Your annual gifts directly impact today’s students, as well as future generations of Rattlers. Ongoing annual gifts provide flexible support that allows investment in strategic priorities throughout the year. Gifts from alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff and students strengthen our ability to serve students with scholarships, programming, curriculum enhancements, study abroad experiences, technology updates and more.

Why is annual giving important?

Your belief and support of St. Mary’s is evident simply by the act of the gift itself, which keeps our programs growing and thriving.  With so many of our students receiving financial aid, every little bit counts!

I can’t afford much, how can my gift make a difference?

Our greatest need continues to be either the Annual Scholarship Fund or the Law School Annual Scholarship Fund, but you are welcome to designate your gift to other areas of campus. If you have a specific area you wish to support, our Rattler Ringers are happy to assist you in getting your gift to the area you are most passionate about supporting.

Where will my gift go?

Great question! 

One of the main reasons we utilize credit card by phone is that it significantly reduces the administrative and processing fees associated with mailing a request for payment to our supporters. Your credit card information is not stored or saved after it is processed so you will be asked for this information every year.

If you are ever concerned about giving your credit card to someone claiming to be calling from the St. Mary’s Phonathon, here is something you can do to be safe:

Ask the caller for the phone number of the Annual Fund Office (210-431-6183) and ask to be scheduled for a call back in a few days. You may then call the Annual Fund Office Monday through Friday during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. to confirm you were in fact called by the St. Mary’s University Phonathon.

Is it safe to give my credit card info to the Rattler Ringer?

All donations made to St. Mary’s University are tax deductible. With every donation accepted, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt in the mail.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

You are welcome to make a gift online on our Give Now page at your convenience, or by mailing your payment to:

Advancement Services
St. Mary’s University
One Camino Santa Maria
San Antonio, Texas 78228-9922

Can I only make my gift by phone?

You may set up recurring gifts on the 1852 Club page. By having an automatic draft on your profile, you may no longer be contacted by our Rattler Ringers as our focus is on those who have never made a gift, or someone who has not made a gift recently.

How can I set up recurring gifts?

Did you know?

When you arrange minimum monthly gifts of $18.52 (or more) you are automatically part of the 1852 Club! As a member, in addition to providing year-round support to our St. Mary’s students, you will receive amazing benefits like:

  • Exclusive invitations to members-only events throughout the year. Past events include: Perfect Pair social for Rattler couples, 20th Anniversary Celebration for our 2002 Softball National Champions, and a holiday mixer at the St. Mary’s Pub
  • Network with Rattler alumni
  • Meet with guest speakers where we receive campus updates and highlights with our Deans and other members of our St. Mary’s staff and faculty
  • 1852 Club Membership sticker

Many of our alumni donate the amount matching their graduation year (example: if you graduated in 2002, you would contribute $20.02 monthly).

  • Helpful Tips

    • Please consider giving by credit/debit card, or by filling out the pledge card that is sent to you upon your request. These payment methods are extremely helpful since we can fund campus priorities right away, and it will assist us in our efforts to “Go Green.” Using our payment options over the phone also eliminates the need for you to send a check or follow up with additional correspondence.
    • To receive credit for your gift in the University’s current fiscal year, please be sure to submit your gifts to our office by May 31.
    • To remove your name from our calling software, simply reach out to Jeffrey O’Neill, Assistant Director of Annual Giving at joneill1@stmarytx.edu.
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